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a kissing issue

This is a half intro post and half plea for help. Hi, I just joined this community, and I love kissing... there's so many ways to do it, places to do it, and just...when I'm not in a relationship, it's probably the part I miss the most. I have *cravings* for kisses. And so, here I am. ^_^

Anyway, on to the plea: I just recently got into a new relationship. boyfriend doesn't like to kiss. I would be like "*whine* Why aren't you kissy?" "Because I don't like kissing that much.." OOF this is something that bothers me a lot. (That's why I'm here as well.)

Now, I've also noticed that he doesn't really open his mouth all the way to talk (or kiss) - he keeps the corners of his mouth pretty 'closed'. I.e. if he went to the doctor's and had to say "AHH"...I don't even know how he would do it! Ack!

The thing is... I know this is going to bother me a lot (the fact that he's not "kissy"). Does anyone have any ideas of how I can *get* him to be kissy? (It's to the point where he'd rather hug me than kiss me good night.) Or am I just a crazy girl who needs to obsess less about kissing in a relationship?
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