spinningforyou (spinningforyou) wrote in joyofkissing,

stupid question?

Hello, I'm Amanda, I'm new.
I have a question...I'm 18 and have never kissed anyone *blush*. I had the opportunity to a few months ago but I didn't because I was scared so I wouldn't look at him when he stood close to me (and sadly I think he thought I wasn't interested and then things sort of died away) and have been wondering, have any of you ever kissed someone with an overbite? I have one, my lower lip lines up with my top teeth, and my top lip (which is a bit on the thin side) rests above that (doesn't touch the bottom lip unless I move it so it does; my mouth doesn't naturally close because of this, and my front teeth are always exposed a bit). I was afraid that it would get in the way or make me unable to kiss or something, since I've heard that teeth in the way is a bad thing...*feels stupid*...does anyone know if it would make a difference or not? This makes me so self-conscious in potential kissing situations and any advice or reassurance would be wonderful. Thanks a lot!
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